Production from the beginning
Habby Collars begin their adventure with the column models produced in the weaving factory of our company from the first stage of its production.
Considering the durability and longevity of the collars to be produced, production can be made by choosing raw materials, paying attention to the health of pets and nature.



We add a trendy, high-definition touch to collars and leashes by coloring products with the latest colors and patterns using a variety of printing technologies.


Custom Graphic Works

Special pattern works can be done by our company's graphic designers according to customer demand. Apart from this, we can receive the logos and patterns of our customers in the digital environment and apply them to their products.

Buckles & Accessories

We offer dozens of leash and collar accessories that we mold in our factory such as Metal, Plastic, Iron, Zamaks and Rubber Buckles and Accessories to our customers with Habby quality.


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Custom Mold Development

We determine the needs of our customers together with our R&D team and provide services in the development and production of molds suitable for their needs.
Quality Control Process

Our quality control process, which starts from the raw material supply of the products, continues at various stages until the product is completed. The thickness, width and durability of products such as leather, fabric, woven column are constantly checked by our team with various measurement tools.


We carry out the complete product and packaging operations, which are made under the control of our expert sewing and leather experts, meticulously in our factory.

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